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Selling Tips during COVID-19

Increase revenue through up selling

The lure of attracting new customers is powerful and exciting. But if you want to increase revenue, up selling existing customers is the easiest path for one simple reason: trust.

With new customers, you must build trust before they’ll listen to you, let alone buy your product. In comparison, your existing customers already trust you. If they bought from you once, they’ll buy from you again.

Experiment with your new call scripts and email templates

Over time, the best scripts and email templates become more effective because we have the time to mature more new clients. After the crisis they will be more  ready to think about it.

Do not wait the end of the pandemic. You loosing time 

Sell longer contracts

Customers love the flexibility and businesses love the steady flow of revenue.

Try selling annual contracts, or even 2-year contracts. Try getting them to pay up front instead of monthly. This is especially important during the pandemic, because your business needs cash-flow now to prepare for what’s coming.

Prospects may resist because they don’t like making these long-term commitments right now. But if you can make them see why it’s of value to them during this crisis, both you and your prospect will win.

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