Business Development

Business Development

Strategic Planning is the process of determining the short-term and long-term goals of a business, ranging from one to three years and developing plans for achieving those goals, monitoring, reviewing and continuously updating them.  The Business Plan should be a clear, concise and comprehensive document outlining the prospects and growth potential of a business.

The most important benefit of having a strategic plan is that it charts a path that we must follow to reach the predetermined goals set. Another benefit of having a strategic plan is the clearer look at the operation of the business and thus making it easier identifying competitive conditions, promotional opportunities and advantages for the Company.

The Strategic Plan is a tool for minimizing business risk. Includes analysis of the current situation (internal and external environment), market and competition analysis, identifying threats and opportunities, setting short and long term goals and preparing an implementation plan to guide the actions of management in order to achieve the goals set.

Mansystems has significant experience (over 500 business plans) in developing strategic business plans and redesigning small and large Companies processes. Specialized and flexible consulting teams support our clients in preparing their business plan and in developing monitoring mechanisms to achieve a competitive advantage.

International experience shows that having a well-developed strategy is not enough, as long as it is not accompanied by specific project management measures that ensure the desired goals of a project are achieved. 

For this reason, the successful implementation of a project will depend on a number of parameters such as:

  • Timely identification of actions to be implemented within the project scope
  • Identification of technical and administrative prerequisites
  • Planning of actions and risk assessment
  • Consistent monitoring of implementation to provide timely feedback and corrective action measures as required
  • Meticulous observance of quality, cost and time specifications
  • Effective cooperation with the contracting authority as well as other authorities and services involved
  • Timely taking of intermediate decisions and corrective measures to ensure the smooth progress of the project

Mansystems can undertake the project management as per the client requirements and the project constraints. A project team is set up for the implementation of the project, which addresses issues of planning, monitoring and controlling of the project providing substantial support, project implementation monitoring and control procedures, risk management procedures and communication procedures. The key contribution of the Project Team is to ensure the conditions necessary to achieve the project’s objectives in terms of quality, cost, completion time and expected benefits and results.

Organisations face numerous institutional risks due to internal and external events, that have the potential to adversely affect their operations and harm their reputation. Risk is measured in terms of a combination of the probability of occurrence of an event and its consequences.” 

Institutional risks include:

  • Administrative breaches such as leakage of confidential information
  • Loss or illegal processing of data
  • Failure of IT system hardware or software
  • Sabotage, hacking, internal fraud, theft of media or documents
  • Strike action by employees
  • Loss or destruction of physical assets
  • Physical Disasters such as fire, flood and earthquake

Mansystems can perform a Risk Assessment Study for the identification, evaluation, and prioritization of risks in order to minimize, monitor, and control the probability of occurrence or impact of threats.

The study of the Organizational Structure and the Operation of an organization in order to evaluate the extent to which changes can be made to its modus operandi, resulting in reduced bureaucracy, increased productivity and simplified processes, while maintaining functionality and improving the effectiveness of its procedures. (Read more)

Mansystems can carry out a Restructuring Study in an Organization with the engagement of a Project Team suitably staffed with a sufficient number of people with the qualifications, knowledge and experience to successfully undertake and complete, within the specified time and financial framework, the following:

  • analysis and mapping of the existing operation, organizational structure and staffing of the organization by conducting personal interviews, using questionnaires and focus groups
  • analysis and evaluation of existing processes
  • developing a proposal for a more efficient structure and functionality of the organization and preparation of an action plan for the implementation of the recommendations.