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Prepare your hotel for life after COVID-19

  • Marketing

There is much you can do during this slow period to improve your content performance with an audit.

  • Interview Employees

Use Google Hangouts or Zoom to conduct and record video calls because many people now have time on their hands. Interview your employees about their experiences and knowledge of your products, services and culture. In the coming months, these transcripts and videos will be a rich source of insider info for your blog posts, social content, media releases and more.

  • Improve Your Online Reviews Strategy

Website, social media , email campaign, blogs  etc

  • Update Your Website
  • Consider an Outreach Strategy

Whether or not reaching out to your customers during a pandemic is appropriate depends entirely on your type of business, your existing relationship with customers and the purpose of the communication. Are customers used to hearing from you regularly by email, social media or text messaging?  What you can do is get creative and think of how you can offer reassurance, social connection or tangible assistance during COVID-19.

  • Be ready for After Sales to create your as far as you can faith clients

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