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business must go on

As countries across the world slowly emerge from lockdown, the global economy is coming back to life. return more or less to the way they were before.

Irrespective of what the future holds, managers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, marketers and a host of others are formulating strategies for the coming months and years. And many business leaders are unsure about how to plan for a post COVID-19 future. 

Periods of inactivity caused by coronavirus are good times to reevaluate your corporate strategy and processes. Many competitor threats will be dormant and resources usually allocated for growth will be available. 

Consider the following points:

Goals and KPIs – What are your long-term goals and how do you measure key areas of performance?

Marketing strategy and positioning – When demand starts to increase, are there any aspects of your positioning and value proposition that will need modifying? Do your current marketing materials cater to the needs of post-coronavirus buyers?

Market understanding and buyer personas – What new needs and desires will your buyers have because of coronavirus? Have any new markets opened up? 

Operational infrastructure – Which business processes can you make more efficient and streamlined?

A modified business strategy which accounts for the challenges and opportunities of a post COVID-19 marketplace will put you in an excellent position to bounce back. It will also allow you to take full advantage of any pent-up demand in your market. 

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